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Depositphotos launches mega photo studio in Kiev

Depositphotos launches Lightfield photo studio in Kiev

Ukrainian photobank Depositphotos opened a mega photo studio in Kiev, the third largest in Europe, only in Amazon (London) and IKEA (Sweden). The project named Lightfield  takes 25 thousand square meters. m and includes 14 shooting areas with various decorations and ready-made interiors, as well as 4 cyclorams. The studio will organize the rental of equipment: Canon and Nikon cameras, Broncolor light and more. As the founder of Depositphotos Dmitry Sergeyev Lightfield will attract more and more young and talented people to the photo industry who will gather under one roof, improve their skills and teach each other. Lightfield is not just a photostudio, it's also a creative hub and coworking for sharing experiences and communicating with all photo lovers.

There will also be various training events, courses, master classes for photographers, a photo school under the direction of Bird in Flight, advertising and social projects will be implemented. To help a beginner photographer, stylists, make-up artists, a post production team and a creative department are always ready to come, but the photographer himself will still guide the process. Also in the studio Lightfield will be organized photoproducts & ndash; a team of professionals will execute orders from agencies and various companies. Rent a studio with studio decorations and light will cost 400 UAH per hour. The complex is located in Kiev on the territory of the former furniture factory on Polevaya Street, close to the Polytechnic Institute metro station.


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