Corporate site

Corporate website - it is a representation of your company on the Internet. We can say - your business card. Creating a corporate website constitutes development of a unique design, ease of use, maximum information about your company, about the product or its services, interactive communication with potential customers of your company. To do this, and developed a unique design, system administration and content management, news and search blocks, and all the necessary tools for the modern corporate website. On the Internet, there is no strict distinction by category of sites. Every developer websites may offer its classification of sites by category. When just a website consisting of one - two pages begins to grow additional features, it can move to another category of sites. When it comes to the category of the site, there are issues related to the diversity of industries and types of projects. Let's start with a simple definition of the site.

Website (Eng. Website, from the web - and web site - «place") - a computer network united under one address a set of documents of private persons or organizations. By default, assumes that the web site, or simply site is located on the Internet.

The steps for creating sites Creation of a site passes the main stages of his birth.

The separation of sites by category

You can divide the sites into categories in the following order, to ensure that customers understand what is the difference between the categories of sites. The simplest version of the corporate site - a site-card. It includes 5-7 pages, where you can see the direction of the main activities, brief information about the services or product, contact information, address, details. This category of corporate site usually does not require high cost of funds for programming and support site, because the information remains unchanged or changed very infrequently.

The second difficulty is a promotional site, which has a more complex branched structure. It can include news feed company details information about activities, information about employees of the company and the prospects of development, etc. This site may have a certain structure Where can I get more information about the product or services offered by the company. In this category of sites already in the presence of a certain interactivity, this may be the guest book for communication with a user or automatically send emails to the email address of the company. expenses Programming this site, too small, but increasing costs to support such a site, it is necessary to maintain our RSS feed, monitor possible contacts, if necessary, to communicate with customers.

The third type of site - it's corporate website. Corporate website includes the structure of the two previous sites, but is supplemented by more detailed information on goods and services, including an updated price for the goods or services. Requires more sophisticated software and careful tracking website. This company's website includes all the functionality of an Internet presence. For example, such a site may contain a database of registered customers who can provide additional services or information.

Features corporate site

So, the creation of a corporate site - is the ability to effectively present themselves on the Internet, therefore, to the question of creating such a site should be approached with great responsibility. The site must not only give maximum information about your company, but also create a comfortable external of the site and a convenient structure of the site. Many leading companies in the world have their own corporate website, where you can gather a lot of information on their activities and their products or services. That's about as well as a corporate website that will allow more people to know about the existence of your company, to contact you and to continue to cooperate.

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