Website creation

Создание сайтов Website Design always begins with a deep understanding of the theme of the site. A very important point in building a website - it's understanding of the purpose of the site, its functions and its significance. Staged part of the work on the creation of websites is to collect information on the site. Customer Site to the Contractor gives the maximum information that helps determine the amount of work and the time needed to create the site. We can say that at the stage of communication with the customer, is formed the success of the order, that is, the entire structure of the site and its volume. For effective delivery of customer information site can fill the brief to create a website

Stages of sites

Web development can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Formulation of the problem or design - a collection of information on the site to discuss the structure of the site, its features, its appearance, volume of content on the site.
  2. Programming site.
  3. Work on the design.
  4. Merge finished parts of the site layout.
  5. Filling content, ie the information content on the site.
  6. Site testing and delivery to the customer.
  7. Customer Education work with the site.

Purpose Site

The site can be viewed as an opportunity to declare its existence or the existence of the company a lot of people. Sites may be different purpose and content. But in any case, their purpose is the desire to attract the attention of many people to the subject site. As the functionality of websites, also, may significantly differ from each other. From simple information site to a complex site with feedback and a host of other features - such range of functionality. Complex sites where information must change require constant maintenance and updating of information.

From simple to complex

Sites conditionally can be divided into categories based on the complexity of the implementation. The easiest online business card performs evaluation functions may consist of several pages of information. This website contains information such site is stable and does not require maintenance. We can say that the site is static. It can contain information about the company or of any object or knowledge. It is complemented by a graphic design to be attractive to Internet users.

Dynamic sites called sites, which in addition to static sites have certain features that are called services. Services can not only revitalize the work site, but also get a return on such a site, provide feedback to users on the Internet.

Let us consider some of the services that can be added when creating websites.

The statistics module allows you to monitor the number of visits in a more complex configuration - control of statistics by region.

Contact Us - a form of communication, where right from the pages of the site, the user can send a message to the site administrator, in simple words - a connection to forward a message to your email address.

Guest book - a page on which your website visitors can leave messages to the owner or administrator of the site. This service is dvustronnim, because it allows the administrator to respond to any message.

The Forum - next to the complexity of service allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of users to each other and the site administrator.

The control unit allows you to add banners advertising banners on the website, monitor and display statistics of impressions and clicks.

The module allows the user registration to login. This allows authorized users to access any special service, closed to the general review. It already allows you to create a database of users. Used, for example, when creating online stores.

Check-application allows you to send a request for the purchase of any product or service.

The complex service storefront allows you to buy products online. This service has the additional features.

We made a short excursion into the functionality of the web sites. On this possibility developers do not end there. On request, can be added and other functions or services.

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