Site card

Site-card - a site that is just a website and briefly displays information about an individual, company, product or service on the Internet. Cost - is considered one of the low-cost software web development, so these sites bought the company with a small budget or those who do not want to bear the high cost of development of the site. Often, online business card or website stub used when buying a domain name for the mail. Site-card may consist of a few web pages contain basic information about the company, services, products, contact information and have feedback form. In recent years, such sites are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Given the small cost of such site plus a short period of time for its manufacturing, the information on this Web site may bear fruit in a very short time. Typically, online business card is exclusively, promotional in nature and allows a large number of Internet users become acquainted with the activities of the company and provides goods or services. However, there is another important point - hosted site. Placing a small website free hosting may not produce the desired effect to the author, because it does not fall into the field of view of the expected audience so if you want to get the effect of placing a small website with the Internet, it is better to contact the professionals. Prices of services to create a small website quite low, and the return on this site can be fast and efficient. The site will be able to accompany themselves simple sites. The main advantages of such a site - a small price, fast implementation, ease of site support.

Types small website

small website can be static or dynamic. The simplest online business card is a static site, which is not require frequent changes and is stable information about a particular company, product or service. On this site can be placed contact details and legal details. This site does not require the support and maintenance, because the information is constant.

Site-card becomes dynamic when added, for example, the feedback in the form of the possibility of automatic sending a letter by e-mail or price. This online business card already requires some maintenance. addition more complex functions can translate online business card in a completely different category. In a small website in this category may be implemented in a simple module, such as the feedback module for communication with clients, news module, you can add button to print the page. To create a website in another category is costly and time-consuming to be more on design, programming and maintenance or support site. The theme of the dynamic website, you can add, that there are mechanisms for creating site templates, where the work of the designer and the programmer is not required. But filling content configuration and selection of templates website design and its structure remains. To create these sites, too, requires a professional approach. With such sites can work professionals with administrative privileges. Such sites are convenient because the information in them, quite easily can change employees who do not have special education, but learning opportunities to work with the site.

Steps for creating a site

No matter how simple was the site, it inevitably goes through all the stages of creating a website. Website Designing is happening on stage communication with the customer, understanding of its objectives, design requirements, site content and its functions. Design and programming - the next stage. And the last stage-delivery to the customer and the placing on the Internet resources.


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