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Lviv becomes the center of the IT industry in Ukraine

IT Lviv

The city of Lion today the first city in Ukraine to develop various creative ideas in many spheres of life. It is not for nothing that Lviv is a cultural capital of Ukraine. The city qualitatively differs from the background of many industrial regions of our country with its color and ease. Creative and extraordinary ideas here are taken on the cheers and instantly embodied in life. Talented young people do not hesitate to break stereotypes. Do not bypass this and such an important branch of the present as the IT industry. Feeling the promise of Internet technologies, today the city leadership is taking real steps to attract young professionals, creating attractive conditions for the existence of media players.

While in Lviv, we learned directly from the mayor of the city of Andriy Sadovy about real activities in support of the IT industry that are being implemented or planned in the city.

IT house

First of all, it is building a house for IT specialists at IT House.

IT house

IT House - the first house in Ukraine, where only IT workers will live. This unusual project was initiated by the Lviv IT Cluster community of IT specialists and companies in Lviv. Lviv City Hall participates in the project as a partner and allocated land for construction without charge. The house will number 72 apartments, which will be sold at almost cost, about $ 500 per square meter. Housing will be able to buy employees of IT companies that enter the Lviv IT Cluster in accordance with quotas.

IT house

IT House will have large balconies for the relaxation area, a children's room, a server room, bicycle parking, underground car parking, a spacious roof terrace and a fast internet connection. The house will eventually fully work on alternative energy sources. In addition to all these benefits, this house is an opportunity to live in an IT atmosphere with neighbors-like-minded people.

At present, construction is ongoing, the building is built almost 50%. By the way, it is possible to observe the construction course online in this link.

"IT House is a powerful infrastructure project for IT professionals. In this way, we want to improve the conditions for experts and promote the approval of Lviv as an IT city. When IT professionals see what they care about, it motivates others to join this industry, "says CEO Lviv IT Cluster Stepan Veselovsky.

So, he's going to Lviv!


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