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Font - is the next king of web design 2017

The trend that defines large inscriptions as the central monument for the web design of many sites began its strengthening in 2016 and thanks to the ubiquitous minimalism, this trend in 2017 is already taking on a different form. The main reason for this fashion is the growth of users of mobile web design, so the font has become slightly larger.

In a graphic sense, the font itself has a strong influence on the whole picture of web design, so the font correctly located and selected for both displays and for mobile devices will be the defining and rather informative image sites with large widescreen photos. The recommendation is to use sans-serif fonts for mobile websites and applications.

Simple, direct forms of letters, as a rule, are better scaled. Mandatory centering of the body text to the left. Also, you should pay attention to the contrast of background and font color, it is quite useful to check and test the chosen solution with a special web resource

Different mobile devices have different screen sizes, as well as a different aspect ratio of the display. It is necessary to remember this when designing the site, the text is convenient to read with sufficient margins and proper line spacing.


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